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Say hello to your new Cabinet Paint Job!

Pleasing Cabinet Colors, Factory Finishes, Professional Spray Painter, Complete Customer Satisfaction – details like these is the reason I am your best choice to transform your cabinet paint project, making you feel like you just installed new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. 


At Cabinet Paint Shop, my goal is to help you get the best in finishes for your kitchen cabinets. We’ll guide you through the presentation, just how we are doing things, the full scope of work, pricing, and providing fresh options and then with no pressure at all, give you time to make the right choice for you.. 

More about and photos of cabinet painting projects

Cabinet Paint Shop and spray technician Mark Dewey would like to invite you to have a look below to show you more with some before and after on my kitchen cabinet painting projects


Cabinet Paint Shop


  • Founded: 2010
  • Location: Plainwell Michigan
  • Owner: Mark Dewey
  • Certified Spray Technician


Areas of expertise:  Cabinets, Finishes, Products, Sealing, Grain Filling, Spray Painting.